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LRT Lituanica

Watch LRT Lituanica live stream. Lithuania TV channels

Take “LRT Lituanica” to your daily news store for all breaking of the world news, music, sports, and much other interesting content 24/7 live that will help you stay up to date on the events shaping on around the world.

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This is a live online TV channel broadcast from Lithuania. You can watch online this channel on all platforms.

Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) is a public broadcaster founded in 1926.

The Lithuanian public broadcaster, Lithuanian Radio, and Television (LRT) is the largest media group in Lithuania and is owned by the public. LRT operations are funded by taxpayers and, therefore, its fundamental mission is to serve the public interest and the public’s right to trustworthy and objective information.

Lithuanian Radio and Television dates to 1926 when the first radio station started regular broadcasting from the then temporary capital of Lithuania, Kaunas. The television service has been broadcasting since 1957. Radio and television services are now operating from LRT headquarters in Vilnius.

Programming diversity and content synergy

Today, LRT’s strength is its variety of programs and channels that reach a broad audience. It is the only media outlet in the country that broadcasts news 24 hours a day, presented every hour by LRT RADIO journalists.

LRT comprises seven media channels broadcasting nation-wide. The content of all the channels is integrated and shared across three platforms:

  • LRT TELEVIZIJA broadcasts HD content aimed at a wide audience. Together with LRT RADIJAS it is one of Lithuania’s most productive and popular media channels;
  • LRT PLIUS delivers specialized content that focuses on culture and sports;
  • LRT LITUANICA targets the Lithuanian diaspora, broadcasting Lithuanian content around the clock via the internet. It can be accessed on and is also streamed live on YouTube.
  • LRT RADIJAS broadcasts programs of broad appeal;
  • LRT KLASIKA airs culture programs and classical music as well as specialized content for minority groups in Lithuania, including Russians, Poles, Belarusians, Ukrainians, and Jews;
  • LRT OPUS plays contemporary music and content for younger audiences.
  • was recently reorganized and now has one of the fastest-growing audiences among Lithuanian news websites. Its English version, LRT English, is the main source of current news in English from Lithuania and the region;
  • All content which was published or aired on LRT channels is permanently stored and is freely accessible at LRT’s digital archive Mediateka;
  • LRT RADIO makes it is content available as podcasts on different platforms;
  • LRT TV and radio live broadcasts are accessible globally on
  • LRT produces around two-thirds of its content in-house, while one third is commissioned from external producers. LRT employs approx. 600 people.

LRT Mission

LRT serves the public by providing objective, reliable information to Lithuanian audiences at home and abroad, producing and broadcasting educational, cultural and entertainment programs that further unity and progress


To be the most reliable, influential, and modern media outlet in Lithuania.


LRT vision is based on values that give purpose to the public broadcaster. Consistent adherence to these values makes LRT distinct from other media outlets.

Public goals

  • To promote the development of a harmonious, communal, and civic society in Lithuania, and to mobilize and unite the people of Lithuania for common aims.
  • To foster national culture and language, and to cultivate a mature national identity and citizens’ pride in their country.
  • To inform the public on developments in Lithuania and the world, to promote creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.
  • To be the leader in adopting the latest communication technology.

Strategic aims

Strategic aims to define the main directions of the organization’s development for 2018−2022.

  • To unite the Lithuanian society, promote civic participation and communal solidarity, foster the Lithuanian language and culture, historical memory, and cultural diversity.
  • To create quality content for different audiences, with a particular focus on young people.
  • To operate transparently and efficiently, and to be open to the public.
  • To introduce new technologies, improve the quality of content development and dissemination, and increase audience reach.